The 8 Best Messenger Bags of 2020

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As workplace attire has become less strict nowadays, the messenger bag has experienced a surge in popularity. And it’s not difficult to see why. Messenger bags are very versatile, compact, and comfortable for carrying laptops, documents, and other items. The market offers this trendy bag in various styles to suit your particular look whether you need something more casual or professional-looking.

Messenger bags have become modern essential items and many people prefer them over classic briefcases considering the convenience of the shoulder strap. Finding the best messenger bag depends on lots of factors. There’s no single bag that works best for everybody. Some people prefer more stylish models that match the rest of their outfit, others have a focus on functionality above all else.

No matter what, messenger bags are built with the idea that you need to be ready for anything. Similar to other accessories, these bags are more than just the means for carrying your gear. A high-quality bag becomes like a trusty companion which you can wear like you would wear a watch or other essential accessory. We’ve tried to bring together all the great features of messenger bags and create a varied list with satisfying options in terms of value for the cost. Here are the best messenger bags you can buy right now. You might also be interested in our articles about the best paper cutters and the best vinyl cutting machines.

1. Samsonite Colombian

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Samsonite makes lots of high-quality travel gear and it seems their messenger bag lineup is just as impressive. The Colombian is one bag that stands out due to its elegant leather design with roomy compartments ideal to keep your business essentials safe. This messenger bag has a classic look, but its functionality makes it more suitable for modern needs as it can fit a 15.6-inch laptop without issues.

Like any other messenger bag on the market, this one comes with a shoulder strap. One way it stands out is when you consider the comfortable padding provided and the ability to remove it which can be helpful in some situations. There’s a leather-wrapped carry handle at the top of the bag which can transform the bag in a more business-looking briefcase.

Keeping our essential items close at hand is possible thanks to the organizer placed under the front flap. The rear compartment is adequate for storing files and documents and the laptop pocket is padded for extra safety. Overall, the Samsonite Colombian is a superb messenger bag in all regards, particularly the design. Its brass hardware gives off a retro feel and pairs nicely with the high-quality leather.

2. KomalC 15 Inch Retro Buffalo Hunter

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Fans of a rugged old-school look will appreciate the KomalC 15 Inch Retro messenger bag. Crafted using premium hunter buffalo leather, this bag delivers that rustic vintage look while at the same time it can act as a valuable companion to carry your items. One of the most important aspects of this model is the padded laptop compartment. The two large front pockets are very useful as well.

The design is full of details and rich elements which make it so that each messenger bag looks unique. The leather surface has a certain texture which you can only obtain through a painstakingly handcrafted process. There are all kinds of scratches and scars that add personality to the bag. The rest of the construction is completed by heavy-duty brass fittings and quality canvas inner lining.

This bag is quite versatile considering the adjustable shoulder strap and the top handle. You can wear it in different styles and there’s enough room to hold all your valuable items. Overall, it’s safe to say that KomalC made no compromises when designing this beautiful messenger bag. It has a rugged, leathery look that many people find very attractive and the price is very reasonable as well.

3. Mobile Edge ECO Laptop Messenger Bag

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If you’re looking for an eco-friendly option, take a look at the Mobile Edge ECO messenger bag. Ideal for students or workers, this model provides great functionality in a well-polished design. The shoulder strap has a comfortable padding and the exterior of the bag is crafted out of cotton canvas. Larger than your average bag, this model can easily carry big 17-inch laptops.

Laptop users can definitely benefit from getting one of these messenger bags, but they’re not the only ones. This bag is highly versatile with its contemporary styling that looks good with various outfits. You can store documents and other items neatly organized in the bag’s compartments. Pens can be easily placed under the flap in a designated area and there’s even a removable ID holder.

Your gear stays secure in place with the help of durable clips. The strap is flexible with a nice swivel. Boasting a  treasure trove of features, the Mobile Edge ECO laptop messenger bag is highly recommended if you want a more environmentally friendly option. It will have some difficulties with large markers in the pen area, but all in all, this is a messenger bag to use every day with confidence.

4. WOWBOX Vintage Leather and Canvas

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With an excellent combination of genuine leather and durable canvas fabric, this vintage-looking model from Wowbox represents a strong candidate for a messenger bag. As opposed to other bags out there, this model comes with a focus on securing your valuable items. This is why it comes with a reliable zipper, as well as magnetic, and pin buckles.

With the help of an adjustable strap, this bag is a pleasure to wear during extended periods of time. If you wish to try a different look sometimes, it’s good to know that you can take out the strap and leave just a business-style briefcase. Grab the bag by the top handle and you’re good to go. One great design element of this model is the way the leather’s natural qualities have been left untouched.

It’s easy to see all those distinguishing features such as wrinkles and scratches that create an appealing leathery look. Items can be packed in multiple packets to a reasonable degree of organization. The highlight is the padded laptop compartment which fits only models up to 15.6 inches. Considering the long-lasting durability, top-notch leather design, and the overall convenience of the strap and magnetic buckles, the WOWBOX Vintage offers plenty of value for the price.

5. Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag

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The simple and affordable classic messenger bag from Timbuk2 could be an excellent choice for many people who value good-looking functionality above all else. It comes in a varied range of patterns to match diverse tastes and it’s also available in different sizes. This is an incredibly versatile messenger bag that despite its polyethylene construction can look very stylish.

Inside the bag you’ve got lots of space for organizing different items such as pens and documents. There’s one dedicated pocket to place your water bottle and the phone can be easily tucked under the flap. That’s where the special Napoleon pocket is strategically placed for blazing-fast accessibility. If you’re worried about going out in the rain, it’s worth mentioning that the bag features water-resistant lining. The material is also designed to be simple to clean.

When it comes to comfort, the strap is one of the highlights of this messenger bag. It’s crafted in a curved style with an air mesh pad. The flap buckles have a subtle design without sacrificing the security of your items. Taking into account all the aspects of the Timbuk2 classic messenger bag, the final verdict is a positive one. Anyone can find a good size and style to fit their needs.

6. Kenneth Cole Reaction Colombian Leather

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A premium option for those who like leather messenger bags is the Colombian model from Kenneth Cole Reaction. This is the kind of bag with a personality of its own. It’s geared more towards business users, but it can complete a casual outfit just as well. Carrying a laptop is possible thanks to the large main compartment. Even though it’s designed with simplicity in mind, this model boasts lots of solid organization features.

You can put this bag to good use for both business purposes or to carry a laptop. It’s packed with a varied range of compartments to fit in all kinds of items. The exterior construction is built to withstand wear over time so you can enjoy using it for a longer time as opposed to bags made with cheaper materials. The shoulder strap is flexible enough to accommodate different users and it has the necessary padding for comfort. It’s not removable but that shouldn’t be an issue for most users.

Some people might experience variance in color with their bags as this is natural leather and its appearance can suffer from extended usage. You can discover certain blemishes that shouldn’t affect the overall look. This messenger bag is crafted with careful consideration for the natural beauty of the materials. While this is not exactly built for heavy-duty travelers, the Kenneth Cole Reaction Colombian is definitely recommended if you want a stylish and durable messenger bag.

7. Rapid Dominance Classic Military Messenger Bag

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Budget-conscious users shouldn’t overlook the Classic Military messenger bag made by Rapid Dominance. Constructed using 100% cotton canvas and reinforced seams, this is the kind of bag that can take some abuse. As its name suggests, the messenger bag is built to military specs and features pockets that provide fast access to your essential items.

There are 7 pockets in total. Aside from the usual compartments, you will find a handy back outside pocket for easy access to frequently used items. The polyester lining used inside the bag can help when carrying more heavier weights. Another aspect that matters for some people is the quality of the strap. Although the one on this model isn’t anything special, it’s fairly comfortable on your shoulder and provides decent adjustability.

Considering the price bracket where this messenger bag belongs, it’s not surprising to find that the manufacturer cut some corners on certain aspects. This may not be the most attractive bag out there, but it gets the job done and that’s all that matters after all. It’s sturdy enough to be considered an excellent travel bag, so the Rapid Dominance Classic Military is recommended if you need a wear-resistant messenger bag.

8. Sweetbriar Classic Messenger Bag

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The Sweetbriar Classic messenger bag is one solid model in terms of cost-effectiveness. This isn’t really a bag built for a specific need so it kind of has multiple purposes. Some of its highlights are the convenient handle placement, roomy main compartment, and minimalist design. It’s crafted using 100% cotton canvas which, combined with the metal accents, delivers a fairly basic but functional look.

Like similar messenger bags on the market, you will find a handle on the top of the bag. It’s placed more on the rear of the bag to keep the overall look cleaner. The interior of the bag is zippered and can fit many items. While the main compartment is large enough for smaller laptops it’s not really recommended for that considering the lack of padding inside. You will get a padded shoulder strap at least, which is always welcomed when the bag is fully loaded.

The front flaps close using Velcro which some people might not like. This is definitely not a particularly secure messenger bag, but for what’s designed to do, it can be considered fairly reliable. The quality of the construction is unexpectedly great for its cost and the rest of the design choices are solid as well. To conclude, the Sweetbriar Classic messenger bag deserves some more attention on this crowded market.