The 8 Best Laser Levels of 2020

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A laser level is an essential tool to own if you’re involved in the construction business or if you’re serious about your DIY work. What do you need a laser level for? These amazing tools can help you to figure out a level surface and this can be useful in many instances. For example, plumbers can correctly install pipelines vertically or builders can accurately measure distances and correctly place certain objects or elements.

There are different types of laser levels on the market and some of the most common ones are line, dot, and rotary laser levels. The way you choose the correct one is done according to your specific needs as some jobs will require a more advanced rotary laser while line models should suffice for common tasks. While laser levels are commonly found on construction sites, you’ll usually only need this level of precision in your home if your projects demand perfect accuracy.

Some of the most important aspects that need to be considered when you’re hunting the market for a laser level are the accuracy and visibility range of the tool. It can be a plus to choose a model with a high accuracy rating as well as one that can project a laser beam with enhanced visibility which can be seen from further away with the naked eye. Another relevant aspect to keep in mind is whether the laser level offers cross line projection. These dual beam lasers can work ideally for more professional jobs when big wall fixtures have to be installed.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the best laser levels in terms of accuracy, versatility, and overall value per cost.


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Dewalt is a popular power tool manufacturer and they also have a great line of laser levels. Before checking out other products, take a look at the DW089LG. It may not be the most affordable unit out there, but it’s an amazing product for its cost. This is a laser level using a clear green beam technology featuring a magnetic holder for the simplest set-up possible.

There are three lasers in total which can be operated in different ways to cover a full room layout without issues. You can start working with this machine quickly and efficiently on any interior or exterior project. Power comes from a 12-volt rechargeable battery and IP65 protection will help with the overall durability in time.

Overall, this model is a pleasure to use considering its superb accuracy and user-friendliness. It’s built for more heavy-duty applications, but it’s safe to say it can help in the layout of virtually anything. Jobs get done quickly if you use the right tool, so the Dewalt DW089LG is highly recommended for those wish for uncompromising quality in their laser levels.

2. Hammerhead HLCL01

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One very effective and affordable laser line level is the Hammerhead HLCL01. This is a small tool intended for self-leveling which has great potential to be used by DIY enthusiasts in their home. It may not have the best accuracy rating compared to the more expensive models on the market, but for its cost, it looks like a very solid choice.

The laser level comes equipped with an internal pendulum which means it will automatically make adjustments if you’re a few degrees out of level. Even if you place the tool outside its degree range, there’s no need to worry because the unit will flash a red LED to readjust it. Thanks to its 30 feet working range and a respectable accuracy rating of 1/4-inch, the laser level can deal with most simple jobs without any hassles.

To operate this tool you will be required to get two AA batteries which provide around 15 hours of working time. With the help of an adjustable clamp, you can place the level on the most common mounting options, including on a camera tripod. The lack of a magnetic mount makes it a less versatile unit, but all in all the value for the cost is extremely good for an inexpensive laser line level so the Hammerhead HLCL01 is worth a shot.


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Whether you want to work on some basic remodeling project or plan on tackling a large scale construction job, the Dewalt DW088K represents an excellent solution. This laser level boasts a solid ±1/8 inch accuracy and its dual lasers are nicely complemented by a self-leveling ability. That’s a great feature to speed up the overall leveling process.

In terms of mounting options, this laser level doesn’t disappoint. It offers a capable magnetic pivoting base which permits certain adjustments to be done without having to dismount the unit. Durability-wise you can expect the usual level of quality from Dewalt. The tool feels sturdy as it comes protected in an IP54 enclosure that’s especially useful if you take the tool on job sites. It’s actually very convenient to take it with you as the laser level is designed to be as portable as possible thanks to its minimal 1-pound weight.

While there’s no manual control available, the Dewalt DW088K’s self-leveling system shouldn’t pose any problems in most projects. The everyday DIY-er can have a lot to benefit by choosing such an accurate tool considering it won’t really affect their budget that much. The measurement results are accurate and consistent and the 50-foot range is generous enough to work with.

4. Firecore F112R

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Those who aren’t willing to invest that much in a laser level, but still wish to get their hands on a product packed with great features should consider the Firecore F112R. This is a cross-line laser level designed to work in a very straightforward manner and looks promising judging by the addition of a magnetic bracket, over-molded housing, and a pendulum lock.

A self-leveling feature is present for this unit allowing the user to get the job done faster. You just need to make sure you reach the 4 degrees range. Then you can let the machine do the work for you as it levels automatically. With the help of a magnetic bracket, you will be able to take advantage of the versatile potential of the tool. The rear mounted magnets can prove useful in certain situations where you need to operate at different angles.

The durable housing has been engineered to pass the 1m drop test without damage to the internal components. There’s also an IP55 rating and the maximum working distance of the tool is 13M. As with other more inexpensive laser levels, this model can be a little too dim to see clearly in bright outdoor lighting. It’s more recommended for interior projects.


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Another Dewalt product worth considering is the DW088LG model. This time we have a cross-line laser level that features a shiny green beam which makes it very visible even in tough outside conditions. Other important highlights of this unit are the integrated magnetic bracket, IP65 water resistance, and the locking pendulum.

If traditional red lasers left you disappointed, you’ll definitely love the green beam technology used in this laser level. The range of up to 100 feet surpasses the 50 feet maximum of red beams allowing users to benefit from enhanced visibility. That’s particularly useful in those exterior applications that demand a large working range. The self-leveling system is capable of projecting both horizontal and vertical lines to cover more layout applications.

Durability can be important if you’re working in rough conditions so this model can withstand drops from 2m and boasts increased resistance to debris and water. The locking pendulum is another welcomed feature to ensure the best protection possible for the delicate internal parts. While the laser level could be considered a little too expensive for some, it’s definitely worth the investment for its durability, precision, and, above all else, the excellent visibility.

6. Bosch GLL 55

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A feature-rich laser level to keep in mind is the Bosch GLL 55. This small tool might not impress you at first glance, but you will quickly realize that it’s built for obtaining professional results. Besides the usual goodies found in similarly-priced laser levels such as self-leveling ability and pendulum lock, this model is also packed with extra accessories that will surely come in handy.

Those familiar with self-leveling systems on laser levels will be pleased to find out that the one found on this model stands out. It’s one of the better ones on the market as it completes the process in under a minute. The laser delivers excellent leveling and layout results and the locking pendulum ensures that nothing gets damaged inside the tool when moving around.

The three laser lines can be projected independently to suit more level applications and conserve some battery energy. While this is not the brightest laser level we’ve seen, it should certainly do the trick for most purposes. Direct sunlight seems to be the only problem for this little unit. In conclusion, the Bosch managed to create a reliable laser level through its GLL 55 model which can fit well in both the hands of professionals and hobbyists alike.

7. PLS Laser PLS-60541

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Pacific Laser Systems makes some of the most trusted laser levels in the industry. One great example is the PLS-60541 which brings together a nice selection of features to help professional builders who do a lot of layout work. Aside from the unit itself, you will find all the needed accessories to work efficiently including a compact and sturdy carrying case.

This is a 5-point laser level with a wide range of self-leveling, capable of making the right adjustments within 6 degrees. The tool has been built with versatility in mind to fit different applications. It can enable the user to shoot level benchmarks even in difficult lighting conditions. One thing we like a lot regarding this model is the user-friendliness. Anyone can learn to use it and take clear and stable reference points in no time.

Some people might dislike the red beam as the green is considered more visible over longer ranges. It’s quite clear to see in the sunlight though, so that’s not really an issue. An area that could get some improvement is the durability which is not as impressive as other tools. Still, taking into account the performance, the PLS-60541 represents a pleasant surprise at such a reasonable price.

8. Bosch GTL3

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The Bosch GTL3 is a solid laser level that can be used for doing tile layout. With its help, you can skip the initial difficult process when you’re doing the set-up for your project. Just let the laser’s beams guide you and your workflow becomes way more efficient. One reason why this model is recommended compared to similar lasers is that it offers three lines and has a good height which helps with avoiding obstructions.

Working with this laser level in tight quarters is a pleasure. The maximum range is approximately 65 feet, but keep in mind that when you get close to this distance the beams will start to fade considerably. It’s easier to see the laser beams on a vertical surface, but when it comes to horizontal work you will need to find a darker working environment to increase the visibility.

Thanks to the addition of a magnetic base, you can mount the device to a leveling plate for working in optimal stability conditions. The durability of this tool is decent, though nothing impressive. You get an IP54 certification which is good enough for most job sites. For a tile laser level, you can’t get wrong with such a well-rounded model like the Bosch GTL3.