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The 8 Best Homemade (DIY) Hand Sanitizer Recipes

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Although cleaning your hands using soap and water is more effective, hand sanitizer is often the more practical choice when you’re on the go. If you’re a fan of DIY projects, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to create your own hand sanitizer. Just make sure you follow a good recipe that takes into account the official recommendations to ensure proper cleaning effectiveness. This means the DIY hand sanitizer has to contain alcohol 60% at the very least. Stay away from low alcohol formulations that won’t be reliable to protect from bacteria or viruses.

Why make hand sanitizer yourself when you can easily purchase it from the store? There are some advantages to consider. It’s usually much cheaper and you can bring the DIY hand sanitizer to your arsenal of natural cleaners. Make sure you’re aware of potential drawbacks. Even the best DIY recipe isn’t that useful when you need to rely on basic materials and home equipment. The lack of strict quality control is an issue to keep in mind as even small mistakes can contaminate the final product or render it ineffective. Check out the following hand sanitizer recipes that will help you get the basics of this DIY project. All of them are based on at least 60% alcohol content.

1. Hand Sanitizer Spray

This is an interesting recipe that focuses on simple ingredients and a practical spray form. You can use the hand sanitizer more effectively this way. It’s basically like an alcohol spray but it features some extra ingredients for moisturizing and creating a pleasant aroma.

2. Homemade Hand Sanitizer

Check out this homemade hand sanitizer that relies on careful concentrations of isopropyl alcohol and pure aloe vera gel. It keeps your hands clean without drying them out. Essential oils are used for a lovely fragrance. You can use different oils to create more batches, each with its own distinctive scent.

3. DIY Hand Sanitizer

While it takes a bit of time to gather the necessary ingredients, this DIY recipe will help you create a nice-smelling hand sanitizer in no time. It offers clear instructions in a simple visual guide format to assist you during the process. Although it’s based on a branded essential oil, it’s not required to use that one specifically.

4. Basic Hand Sanitizer

Using only common household items you can craft your batch of reliable hand sanitizer. Simply follow this recipe that takes you on a step-by-step journey to discover how to kill germs without relying on store-bought products. The recipe is based on 91% isopropyl alcohol but you can adjust it for 70% rubbing alcohol instead.

5. Simple Hand Sanitizer Gel

Some hand sanitizer recipes are more complicated than others. Check out this one that lets you create a gel for hand sanitizing with only two ingredients. This is a truly simple recipe that anyone can pull off as long the instructions are correctly followed. With the help of this recipe, you can create a potent hand sanitizer with 75% alcohol content.

6. Citrus Mint Hand Sanitizer

Simple to create while providing a lovely natural fragrance, this hand sanitizer recipe allows you to save a lot of money by crafting an alternative solution to commercial products. Whereas many recipes focus on creating a gel-like solution, this one stands out as it’s designed to result in a homemade spray. The citrus mint aroma is an exquisite combination to have in a spray-on sanitizer.

7. Hand Sanitizer for Winter

DIY sanitizer is a welcomed gift idea for the winter season but it can be a helpful item to have any time. Take a close look at this interesting recipe that includes aloe vera and witch hazel. It packs enough punch to destroy germs thanks to the use of rubbing alcohol.

8. All-Natural Hand Sanitizer

If you’re searching for an all-natural hand sanitizer recipe, this could be a solid option. It’s easy enough for novices to craft it using homemade products. The hand sanitizer here relies on natural ingredients while boasting sufficient alcohol content to cover the official guidelines from the CDC.

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