The 8 Best Green Screen Backgrounds of 2021

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Green screen backgrounds are important tools in the hands of video makers and photographers. There are many reasons to use them as they have great potential for expanding your creativity. At a simple search for green screens on the market, you will easily get overwhelmed by the variety of options. This article has been created to simplify your research allowing you to discover the best green screen background that’s ideal for your needs and budget.

Selecting a high-quality green screen background can be particularly difficult for novices. Some people aren’t necessarily interested in using this type of background to make their work stand out. In fact, many video streamers like Twitch gamers prefer to use this tool to keep their background hidden and this creates a nice effect. It adds a touch of professionalism which can make a big difference with minimal effort.

Regardless of your intended usage, green screen backgrounds need to be adequate for achieving the desired visual effect. You need to pay attention to details like dimensions, material type, and overall construction quality. Even if your budget is more limited, there’s still a varied selection of green screen backgrounds to choose from. Let’s have a look at our top picks for green screens. You might also be interested in our articles about the best noise reducing curtains and the best insulated curtains.

1. Elgato Green Screen by Corsair

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If you’re interested in making a solid investment, one of the best green screen backgrounds comes from Elgato. Recently acquired by Corsair, Elgato made a name for themselves by creating a highly reliable ChromaKey tool for video creators everywhere. Their product is aimed at the ever-expanding gaming market, but other people can benefit too from the wonders of a green screen.

What makes this green screen worth considering is primarily the high-quality construction. The surface is resistant to wrinkles and the texture of the polyester feels smooth and ready to work for your creative purposes. There’s an x-frame included and a stylish aluminum case allowing you to take the green screen with you and have it set up quickly anywhere. The green screen has been optimized for immersive broadcasting so Twitch streamers will definitely appreciate it.

Considering how amazingly easy it is to use and what a great potential it has for a wide variety of content creators, the Elgato green screen background represents our top pick for this list. It may not be suitable if you’re on a budget, but keep in mind that you also receive the pneumatic x-frame and an aluminum case. This is truly a valuable addition for anyone in need of a reliable green screen.

2. Fovitec StudioPRO SP45-M-GNBL

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One green screen background that works particularly well for photographers is the Fovitec StudioPRO SP45-M-GNBL. It’s easy to set up in a few quick steps and due to its collapsible design, it won’t take too much space during transport. For even more convenience, this green/blue double-sided background also arrives with its own carrying case.

In terms of portability, it looks like this muslin backdrop has a lot to offer. It represents an efficient solution for photographers who need to do shoots in various places. The green screen has other solid applications including live streaming and webcam interviews. To keep the backdrop stable, there’s a sturdy steel frame which allows you to set up the green screen without worrying about falling over.

The muslin material used for this background has a nice matte finish and gives off a premium feel. It can definitely boost the confidence of any aspiring photographer or videographer considering the professional-level quality. Overall, the Fovitec StudioPRO SP45-M-GNBL represents a cost-effective choice on the market for green screen backgrounds. For some added versatility you can pair it with the compatible stand from Fovitec which is sold separately.

3. Fancierstudio 6′ X 9′ Green Screen

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If you’re only looking for the green screen backdrop and nothing else, the Fancierstudio 6′ X 9′ model should be your first choice considering the affordable cost. Crafted using non-glare ChromaKey muslin, this green screen can be a suitable choice for anyone looking to add a considerable touch of professionalism to their live stream or photographs.

Everything regarding the construction of this green screen background gives off a high-quality vibe. The material has been factory woven ideal to be used in photography and videos. Once you receive this item you might find a few wrinkles, but there’s no need to worry because they can be smoothed out by careful ironing. To prevent fold marks, try to roll the green screen.

The size of this green screen makes this a reliable option for a small studio. You will probably need a sturdy frame to use this backdrop more effectively, but if you already own the stand and wish to get an inexpensive green screen, the Fancierstudio 6′ X 9′ shouldn’t be overlooked. For its cost, this backdrop delivers excellent results. Its color is fairly accurate and considering the lack of glare, this product is highly recommended.

4. Fotodiox Pro 10BG-57-GB-KIT

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The Fotodiox Pro 10BG-57-GB-KIT is a collapsible green/blue screen kit which can be used with ease for your photo shoots. In this kit, you will find the double-sided Chromakey panel and the support stand to facilitate your photography or videography work. One solid ability is to extend the stand to suit your particular needs.

When the shooting session is over, the frame collapses down to reduced dimensions measuring only 2 feet. There are many scenarios where having a double-sided backdrop like this one would be advantageous. Use the green screen for dealing with bright scenes and switch to the blue side for darker scenes. In any case, the best feature of this model is the ability to quickly set up the green screen using the robust included stand.

Without too much effort you can add some quality post-production effects with the help of this green screen background. Content creators who favor portability above all else will definitely benefit from this product. There’s also a carrying case provided to allow photographers to use it efficiently when on the go. All in all, the frame feels dependable and the double-sided ChromaKey panel has all the characteristics you can expect from a high-quality green screen background.

5. LimoStudio AGG1338

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One very appreciated product on the market for green screen backgrounds is the LimoStudio AGG1338. It stands out due to its affordable cost and non-gloss surface. The low cost can be explained by the lack of stands and other accessories, so if you’re already set up and need just a reliable muslin backdrop, this could work nicely.

The green screen is quite lightweight and the material has a decent wrinkle resistance. It measures 6 x 9 feet and can handle a maximum load of 5 pounds. If you have issues with wrinkles there’s always the option to use a steamer to sort them out. It’s not recommended to iron it as you risk to burn the fabric. While you will have to get the stand separately, there are rings included so that’s fairly generous for the cost.

The stitching of the green screen is durable enough to last you for a long time. Considering the minimal wrinkles and solid material quality, the LimoStudio AGG1338 is a recommended green screen background. Assuming you have a decent lighting system, this green screen has great potential for videographers and photographers.

6. LimoStudio AGG1846

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If 9 x 6 feet isn’t enough for your needs, take a look at the LimoStudio AGG1846 which offered a larger size of 9 x 13 feet. This green screen should work without problems for lots of creative applications. It’s very easy to set up considering the pre-stitch loop which makes this suitable for out-of-the-box crossbar install.

The increase in size can be beneficial for those planning on expanding their studio. When it comes to performance, it can be said that the background works just as expected. The material sports the high-quality construction that we’ve come to expect from LimoStudio. It finds the right balance between durability and user-friendliness. There’s no included stand so you might have to get one separately.

Like with any other green screen background, it can have some wrinkles initially because it will arrive in a folded position. You don’t have to worry though, it’s nothing that steaming or careful ironing can’t fix. Whether for video streaming or professional photography, the LimoStudio AGG1846 can easily cover your needs without putting a strain on your budget.

7. Fancierstudio H69G

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To create a solid photo/video studio you need a reliable green screen kit which contains some useful lighting accessories. A great solution comes from Fancierstudio. Their H69G model offers you a 6 x 9 feet green screen complete with a sturdy stand. When it comes to lighting you will receive shoot-through umbrellas with fluorescent bulbs and light stands.

Before looking over the other important elements of this kit, it’s important to inspect the green screen background. This is the central piece when it comes to adding post-production effects. The material of the green screen is 100% cotton and very nicely crafted so you won’t experience any issues. It will pair well with the 8-feet support stand which comes with its own carrying case to make it more portable.

Light diffusion is handled by the umbrellas which come with bulbs and AC adapters as well as compatible light stands. The setup instructions for this kit are fairly comprehensive allowing even complete amateurs to start creating unique videos and professional-grade photos. Overall, the Fancierstudio H69G is a recommended set of green screen equipment that can open up some new creative avenues for any aspiring content creator.

8. Nalpar 10 X 12 Feet Green Screen

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Built using an ideally opaque material which doesn’t tear easily, the Nalpar 10 X 12 feet green screen represents another interesting choice. Aside from a solid background to make your videos stand out, the package for this model also contains some useful goodies such as four heavy-duty clamps and a storage bag.

The color of this green screen should work nicely for your photo/video projects, but the secret for obtaining the desired results lies in the lighting. Make sure you have adequate lighting when filming and don’t worry about strange issues because the green screen should absorb almost all the light from the front due to the increased opacity. Caring for the materials is easy as you only need to be careful when ironing to remove the occasional wrinkle.

The fabric is over-locked with edges built with multiple layers to ensure it resist nicely over time and it’s designed for simple cross-bar install. Decent value all in all, the Nalpar 10 X 12 feet green screen delivers respectable performance for its cost. The extra accessories are a nice touch so this is a recommended product.