The 8 Best Folding Wagons of 2019

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Folding wagons represent a very flexible and compact solution for all your carrying needs. You can use one for a wide range of applications like when going at the beach, during your shopping sessions or for various types of errands. Investing in a folding wagon has great potential for an improved workflow. When the task is completed, just fold the wagon and store it away. It becomes compact enough to sit without difficulties in the car trunk.

The market for folding wagons is quite diverse. There are lots of basic models which are generally suited for most purposes while more expensive wagons can come packed with extra features. For example, some models can tackle more challenging terrain with bigger wheels or they can be simpler to maneuver or sturdier so as to be able to support heavier loads. With these considerations in mind, we’ve decided to create a helpful list of the best products available.

The following folding wagons have been carefully researched beforehand. While there are multiple ways to separate some products from the market, we chose those models that manage to achieve a superior value per cost ratio. These are the folding wagons that you can safely spend your money on knowing that you get a lot in return. You might also be interested in our articles about the best zero gravity chairs and the best futons.

1. Mac Sports WTC-11

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Mac Sports is one of the leading manufacturers in the world of folding wagons and their WTC-111 represents our top pick for this list. This is a utility cart made to face the outdoors considering its durable 600D fabric which boasts mildew and UV resistance. With the help of its heavy-duty frame, this wagon can work great in lots of applications as long as loads don’t go over the 150 pounds limit.

As this is a folding wagon, one key feature is the ability to fold the unit to a more compact size. The whole folded frame can fit nicely in a carrying case which is also included. There’s no special assembling required when folding out the wagon so you can put it to work right away. An adjustable handle facilitates the transport and there are two cup holders for placing drinks.

The Mac Sports WTC-111 is a great folding wagon to haul all kinds of items whether you need gear for a concert or need to carry various items for a sporting event. The wheels are as durable as the fabric and they enable the wagon to roll easily over gravel or sand. Versatile and fairly priced, this unit checks all the boxes for a high-quality folding wagon that you can count on.

2. Timber Ridge TRTR217271

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A more heavy-duty model comes from Timber Ridge. Their TRTR217271 folding wagon is designed with sturdiness in mind considering the large wheels and overall rugged construction. It’s available in multiple color choices including red, blue, and green. The way front wheels rotate while the back ones stay fixed combined with the reliable telescoping handle ensure very effective maneuverability.

Setting up this wagon doesn’t need any kind of assembly work. All you have to do is press the bottom of the unit and it can fold out almost immediately. While the carrying capacity of 150lbs is fairly standard, the real highlight of this folding wagon is the amazing durability of the wheels. With the help of special rubber tape placed in the middle of the wheels, you can tackle more difficult terrain without any hassles.

Ideal for shopping trips or beach adventures, this utility wagon from Timber Ridge is highly recommended if you prefer a model with oversized wheels. It’s more stable and reliable compared to other models considering the maneuvering system and folding it in and out works like a charm. The steel frame and strong polyester material complete the overall durable impression.

3. Mac Sports WTCB-100

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With extra large wheels and lots of functional features, the Mac Sports WTCB-100 deserves some more attention on the market for folding wagons. This unit is designed for multiple terrain types and its strong frame is able to carry loads with a maximum weight of 150 pounds. When it’s folded out, the utility wagon becomes compact with just 9.7 inches in thickness.

Thanks to its roomy interior and oversized wheels, this folding cart would make for an excellent beach companion. It can be successfully used for picnic trips or camping adventures. The collapsible wagon comes with a comfortable handle and won’t have issues with grass or sand surfaces. The 600 Denier fabric used in its construction feels quite reliable when paired with the solid steel frame.

All in all, the Mac Sports WTCB-100 can save you from lots of time-consuming trips to the car for those times when you need to haul a lot of gear. No matter the purpose or surface, this folding wagon seems capable to handle it. The cost is reasonable when you factor in the large wheels and sturdy design elements. Recommended in particular if you need a solid beach cart.

4. YSC Folding Wagon

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Although it doesn’t pack a large set of wheels, the YSC folding wagon has other advantages to consider. Besides its affordable price tag, this folding cart is extremely lightweight making it an excellent solution when going shopping or during garden work. Similar to other models, this wagon relies on the strong 600D polyester fabric and can’t carry more than 150 pounds of items.

In terms of user-friendliness, this model scores pretty high. No need to do some partial disassembling because all you need to do is pull up a tab and the utility cart collapses. The size is one of the best selling points of this model as it becomes very compact when it’s folded out. When it comes to carrying performance, this folding wagon works in a decent manner as long as you don’t go over its limits. If you place some really heavy items just take it slow and it will manage just fine.

While this is a fairly basic cart, it can definitely have its uses. It’s not really suited for sand or mud, but on most flat surfaces it should glide smoothly. Despite some limitations, the YSC folding wagon packs an excellent value for the money. Budget-conscious users in need of a helpful shopping companion shouldn’t miss out on what this good all-around model can offer.

5. Mac Sports WTC-168

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If you wish to lighten the load when you have to carry a lot of gear, investing in a quality folding wagon like the Mac Sports WTC-168 could be a smart idea. This cart can set up in just a matter of seconds and its large interior can accommodate various items with ease. The frame is durable enough to withstand loads of up to 150 pounds and the 600D fabric is easy to maintain.

One great feature that’s not always found in its competitors is the collapsible table with cup holders. It’s placed in the rear of the cart and can add some great functionality overall. The handle has a good grip and can be adjusted for effortless transport. The wheels are not the largest out there, but they’re designed to accommodate rougher terrains such as grass and sand. It’s also worth mentioning that the wheels have a pleasant swivel that helps with the steering.

The market for folding wagons can be very crowded and there are lots of reliable models to consider. The Mac Sports WTC-168 won’t blow you away with its abilities but it will also not disappoint you. It manages to achieve a nice mix of durability and user-friendliness and that is why it’s a recommended cart for the cost.

6. Timber Ridge TR217270

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A well-designed folding cart is the Timber Ridge TR217270 which is very easy to set up. This unit features a generous capacity and it comes with a side bag and mesh cup holders to add extra items. One of the standout aspects is the telescoping handle which has been built to be long enough for taller people. There’s also a dependable locking system for it.

There are lots of places where a folding wagon like this one can come in handy. Shopping sessions would greatly benefit, but this model can be a good solution for campers or beach-goers. Moving things is the specialty of this sturdily constructed wagon which boasts a durable 600D fabric and 150lbs weight limit. The big rubber wheels can be a huge help when tackling rougher terrains.

Packing up this wagon is a breeze. Its folded size makes it much more convenient to transport. The handle goes down to complete the overall compact image. Thanks to the included Velcro straps you can keep it tightly folded. The Timber Ridge TR217270 is available in two colors – red and blue. Keep in mind that the actual product will look a bit darker than what’s pictured.

7. Eurmax Folding Wagon

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If you need to carry heavier loads, the Eurmax folding wagon with its 200 pounds capacity could be the right match for you. This model features particularly large wheels with some extra width for a comfortable ride on the beach. Like similar models in its class, only the cart’s front wheels rotate which could improve the steering process in some cases.

While 200 pounds for its weight capacity sounds impressive, it’s worth mentioning that this is only available for hard surfaces. When you take the wagon on softer surfaces such as sand, the weight limit goes down to about 150 pounds. It’s a bit more difficult to handle a fully loaded wagon on the beach, but that’s an issue with every other wagon anyway.

The folding process for this model works in a very smooth manner. Setting it up or folding it up is done effortlessly. There’s an included carry bag and the length of the handle should allow even taller users to get around with this cart. Strong and comfortable to use on various surfaces, the Eurmax folding wagon brings a lot of quality features for the price.

8. Sekey Folding Wagon

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Folding wagons need to be versatile above all else and this model from Sekey seems to have been built for many purposes. Users who need a more heavy-duty cart to handle bigger loads will be pleased with this unit’s weight capacity of 265 pounds. The steel frame makes a great combination with the double-layered Oxford fabric.

One of the highlights of this model is represented by the extra large polyurethane wheels. They enable a smoother ride on uneven surfaces and that’s also thanks to the 360-degree rotation abilities. Another factor that contributes to the overall user-friendliness is the adjustable handle. If you have beverages, you will probably appreciate the addition of two mesh cup holders in front of the wagon.

As opposed to other heavy duty wagons out there, this model doesn’t require a complicated installation. It sets up quickly and folds back just as fast to a much more compact frame. When folded it measures just 7” in thickness and you can use the supplied carry bag for easier storage. With lots of room, effortless handling, and so many great applications, the Sekey folding wagon is a pretty underrated model which definitely needs more attention.