The 10 Best Dice Games of 2020

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If you feel that many boardgames aren’t very accessible or portable, you should definitely consider a dice game as a good alternative. They’re surprisingly entertaining without always relying on pure luck as many of them give you the opportunity to use some serious strategy. Dice games can be ideal for a relaxing night with friends. It’s not just that they can be very fun and easy to understand. The best part about them is how you can conveniently take them anywhere you go. Finding the right dice game to play can be a bit challenging depending on the kind of gameplay you prefer.

Some games are more logic-based and can be more fast-paced and difficult to master. There are also other less competitive dice games, perfect for some light fun. Not all games can be suitable to be played with anyone, particularly small children. If you need some inspiration for your next game night, check out the following dice games. We’ve made a varied selection allowing you and your group to find the ideal dice game to maximize fun and enjoyment for everyone. Whether we’re talking about mechanics, theme, or general gameplay, these dice games are totally worth the cost.

1. George & Company Left Center Right Dice Game – Best Family Dice Game

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If you’re searching for an entertaining and fast-paced dice game, Left Center Right should be among your top options. The game can be played in 3 players or more. Its main game mechanic is to pass chips according to the roll of the dice and the exciting part is that even if at some point you feel that you will be quickly out of the game, a dice roll can save you.

The objective of Left Center Right is to be the last player with chips and obtain the pot. While the game comes with its own playing chips, you can also use your own if you prefer. Some people enjoy playing this with dollar bills. A nice aspect of this dice game is that it’s so easy to play that anyone, regardless of age, can enjoy it. Keep in mind that this dice game gets particularly fun in large groups making it a solid party activity.

2. TENZI Dice Party Game – Best Dice Party Game

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Easy to learn and highly competitive, Tenzi is a versatile dice party game which can be played by anyone older than 7. The main reason why this game is fun is due to its fast action style. It’s important to learn how to roll your 10 dice as quickly as possible. If you get bored of a Tenzi game, there are other ways to play it to bring back some fresh excitement.

This dice game comes with instructions for 8 extra games giving you flexible options depending on the occasion. Tenzi works well for parties but it can also be enjoyed for a relaxing family game night or play date. Children also like this game and it’s recommended for their number recognition development. The package for this dice game arrives with four sets of ten colored dice and a practical storage tube.

3. Gamewright Qwixx Dice Game – Best Fast-Paced Dice Game

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Gamewright’s Qwixx is a quick-playing dice game where making the right choice can matter a lot. It’s simple to play and doesn’t last very long if you prefer that kind of game. From children to adults and elders, anyone can participate in a fast round of Qwixx where you need to score points and mark them in your scoresheet according to dice rolls.

The game comes with all the essentials needed to play it, including comprehensive instructions. There aren’t a lot of score sheets provided so that can quickly become an issue after a while as you will run out of them. While you can always get some replacement sheets, a more cost-effective method is to laminate some of them and use erasable markers. If you want a fun dice game that doesn’t heavily rely on complex strategies or skills, Qwixx is highly recommended.

4. PlayMonster Farkle – Best Risk-Taking Dice Game

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A huge hit for any family game night, Farkle is a risk-taking dice game where you need to score points using dice combinations. The fun begins when you decide on a riskier approach to keep rolling and get a larger score which puts you in a vulnerable position at the same time as you can lose points. There’s also the option to play it safe so it’s important to choose the right strategy to win.

This game is designed for at least two players and the minimum recommended age is 8. Aside from full-sized dice, the package for the game contains a cup and score sheets so you can get into it right away. Even though there’s a fairly large luck element involved, this dice rolling game still gives you the opportunity to make some critical decisions. Farkle appeals a lot to a gambling mind as you’re heavily rewarded for risky choices.

5. Hasbro Yahtzee – Best Classic Dice Game

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When it comes to classic dice games, Yahtzee will most likely take the first spot. This is a highly popular game that involves rolling dice in the hopes of scoring combos. Similar to other dice games, Yahtzee depends a lot on luck and may also require you to take some risks. This is an upgraded version from Hasbro that offers a high-roller look with stylish dice and an elegant shaker.

While there are newer games out there that try to bring a fresh sense of excitement, the classic Yahtzee is still very fun to try for people of all ages. If you’ve never played this one before, you need to be aware of its solid potential in terms of bringing out the competitive side of people. Some of the most intense dice rolls can happen in a round of Yahtzee. The game contains all the needed items including score sheets though keep in mind that you need to use your own pencils.

6. ThinkFun Math Dice Game – Best Dice Game For Kids

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While most dice games come with a focus on entertainment, there are a few who are primarily designed with an educational purpose. A great example is the ThinkFun math dice game which offers kids aged 8 and up the opportunity to exercise their mental math and problem-solving skills. This dice game has been tested and approved to be a part of elementary math classrooms in the US.

When it comes to instructions, the dice game is very simple to learn. It’s well known that play makes learning more exciting so this game will encourage kids to add, subtract, and calculate the target number needed. Even children that dislike math can gain an interest in the gameplay of this dice game. Besides the target and scoring dices, the game also contains a handy storage bag. Overall, this dice game is an effective and fun method for kids to improve their math skills.

7. Left Center Right Wild Dice Game

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If you’re searching for an extra dose of unpredictability in your Left Center Right dice game, you should try out the Wild version of the game. It brings a similar gameplay experience but with some twists to boost the excitement. Players now also have the option to select their moves in the hopes of winning the game. The dice used have been modified so they’re larger and adapted for this new playstyle.

Many people prefer Left Center Right Wild over the original game and it’s not hard to see why. As opposed to the classic dice game, this version gives you the opportunity to use your strategic skills. It’s not just a matter of random luck that needs no thinking on your part. You can now affect the outcome of the game instead of relying exclusively on blind chance. Taking into account how different this game becomes in the Wild version, it’s safe to say that you won’t go back to the regular Left Center Right very soon.

8. Farkel Party Dice Game

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With a nice mix of math skills and attentiveness, Farkel is a unique dice game that has great potential to make any party more fun and interesting. Despite simple rules, this dice game promises a lot of replay value as it has just the right dose of challenge to keep everyone engaged. If you’re searching for a quality dice game for large groups of people, give this one a try.

Dice, shakers, and score sheets arrive neatly packed in a solid metal box that you can easily bring at any event. There are 36 matching dice and all players get their own colorful cup. For best results, the game is recommended for players aged 8 and up. If you’re worried about this game being too reliant on luck, it’s worth mentioning that there are some risk-taking and strategy elements involved as well.

9. DA VINCI Bang! Dice Game

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The DA VINCI Bang! is a unique dice game based on the BANG! system. It provides exciting gameplay for 3-8 players and rounds go by very fast. There’s virtually no setup time and the game can be considered a cross between a card game like poker and Yahtzee. The cowboy theme of the game is quite fun as you need to ‘shoot’ other players that aren’t part of your team.

A dice roll gives you multiple actions you can take and the game is interesting enough to captivate the attention of kids older than 8. This is a standalone game with its own game cards so you don’t need to purchase anything else to fully enjoy it. Besides the tokens and dice, the game contents also include instructions in English and Italian. All in all, this is a fun dice game that can be a huge hit with family members and friends.

10. Jax Doodle Dice Game

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If you’re searching for a different kind of dice game, the Jax Doodle Dice is probably more up your alley. This is an interesting visual perception game that requires a decent amount of strategy and not just pure luck. The idea is to roll the dice a few times and build the doodle from a card while you need to be aware of other players doing the same.

There’s definitely a competitive aspect given how you need to fight against other players to take their cards or block their turns. A total of 65 doodle cards are supplied in the package together with 6 dice and a cup. This fun dice game can be enjoyed at all ages and is particularly recommended for families with children. Even adults can have a blast as this is a very engaging dice game.