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8 Decorating Tips and Ideas for Your Airbnb Rental

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It should be your goal as an Airbnb renter to exceed the guest’s expectations with regard to the overall hospitality experience. Airbnb recently acquired the last minute hotel deals platform HotelTonight, and they show no signs of slowing down their growth, frequently enhancing their services with unique features to help the traveler make the most of their vacation.

So what can you do to make sure your guests leave fabulous reviews, one after the other? The little things all add up.

From high-speed WiFi, filling your place with the essential amenities to creating a comfortable and decorative environment these tips are inspired by the highest rated Airbnb rentals on the platform. Remember that decorating your short-term rental is just one part of the overall guest experience. Professional photos of your space are mandatory and you should go into the project as if you’re putting a home up for sale. Never overestimate the details, and leave no room for surprises. Here are our favorite 8 tips for achieving long term success for your short term rental property on Airbnb.

1. How to Decorate the Living Room

Whether your Airbnb is a studio with a seating area or features a complete living room, your guests prefer a relaxing area that does not mimic a stale and basic hotel room. The TV should be placed close enough to the bed for comfortable viewing. Don’t make guests have to rearrange your space. Everything should be thought out and optimized before you start renting. But always take note of any changes that your guests make. Perhaps it was a good idea to scoot over the standing closet to position the TV in front of the bed.

Spend a couple of nights in your Airbnb to put yourself in the shoes of your customers, and do not skimp out on the quality of the bed or furniture. Comfortable sofas are essential so you should purchase one as large as the space can fit. Stock up on a few accent pillows and extra blankets to express the style of your home and ensure your guests are at comfort throughout their entire stay. Pinterest is fantastic for inspiration on how to mix and match colors and fabrics.

2. Provide a Work Space

The point is not to go all out and create a full-blown office space with filing cabinets, staplers, and Xerox machines. Keep it simple with a basic office chair and desk. This is a major perk for remote workers and freelancers who intend to work while staying at your Airbnb. Both IKEA and Amazon have great options for work desks that can be easily stored away by guests who don’t want to use them.

Try to position the work desk near windows to take advantage of natural light. If you’re targeting the freelance community and promote your home as a fabulous place to get work done, then be sure to invest in a quality, ergonomic chair.

3. Don’t Forget the Essential Amenities

Instant coffee is barely adequate. A coffee pot with ground beans ready to brew? Now we’re talking. Travelers want to check in and venture out quickly, and you should stock your home with coffee even if there’s not a full kitchen. Install a couple coat hangers in the entryway, and plenty of space to allow travelers to unpack their bags and make themselves at home. Purchase an armoire or a free standing clothes rack and stock it full of clothes hangers.

Travelers expect to be able to quickly access the internet through WiFi, so take advantage of the built-in feature on Airbnb to allow your guests to view your network and copy paste the password. Other important amenities are a washer and dryer, towels, toilet paper and an iron with an ironing board. For an extra wow factor, provide your guests with preloaded public transit cards!

4. Outfit Your Space with Versatile Furniture

One of the best pieces of furniture to enhance the guest experience at your Airbnb rental is a futon or foldable couch. Even if the beds provide enough sleeping space, a futon in the living room is a great addition for your guests to lounge around after a long day venturing the town. Transforming the futon into a bed is optional, and providing this option to guests allows them to customize the space to their liking.

5. Provide Plenty of Light Sources

Nothing is more daunting than checking into an Airbnb with poor lighting at night. If your lighting is limited by the number of light switches in the home, then make a purchase of a few extension cords and lamps. Place lamps on the nightstands near the bed, on or around the work desk area and in any poorly lit areas.

Proper light gives the impression of a fresh and energized home and you should always keep stock of a few extra light bulbs in the case travelers need to replace them.

6. Create a Bathroom that You Would Use Every Day

Travelers expect a clean bathroom and it is the best way to capture 5-star ratings for cleanliness. Each renter should step foot into the bathroom as if they are the first to use it. A few key areas to double check are the mirror, shower and the area around the toilet. Replace shower curtains the moment they start to show signs of grime or stains and keep mirrors crystal clean.

Place a few candles in the bathroom and make sure there is a toilet bowl cleaner and plunger, in addition to shampoo, body wash, hand soap, and soft absorbent towels.

7. Liven it Up with Botanicals and Artwork

Many renters are satisfied with renting their homes with white walls and empty spaces, but those who go the extra mile to decorate with plants, pictures, and painted walls will have better chances to optimize guest feedback to drive consistent income. Use all of the space you can to complete the theme of your home by hanging artwork on the wall.

Succulent plants are refreshing for bathroom spaces and create an inviting atmosphere when scattered throughout the home. Before placing plants and flowers in your home, be sure to check out our guide on decorating with botanicals for a few do’s and don’ts.

8. Keep it Neutral

If you’re not an expert interior designer nor have a specific audience for whom you are targeting, then we recommend keeping the color palette neutral. Black walls aren’t too accommodating for families with kids and red walls will most likely steer away conservative guests. On the other hand, travelers renting your home in the city are not likely to rent a home outfitted in a country theme.

Your best option is to keep the overall color scheme and design neutral to attract a wide audience of travelers. Choose neutral colors like dark gray and brown because they do not reflect wear and tear as easily as lighter colors. Go with colorful accent chairs, carpets and ottomans to spice up the neutral colors. For homes with more than one bedroom, purchase two bedding sets of the same color, with different patterns so you can mix and match the linens between the rooms and ensure your property always remains consistent with the amazing photos that showcase it to the world.

By Stefan Bucur

Stefan is the founder and owner of Rhythm of the Home. He has 6 years of experience in home improvement, interior design, cleaning and organizing.

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