What the Hell is Quiet Luxury and Should You Even Care?

Do you watch too much HBO? Yeah, me too. Well apparently thanks to the rich snobs on Succession we now all have to hop on the trend and redesign our homes into a brand new style so we can pretend we’re rich and fancy. But maybe since now you’re a Sarah Snook convert all you…

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How I *Almost* Never Pay FULL Price for Fiber/Cable Home Internet

Right off the bat, the first thing you need to know about this tactic is that it ONLY works if you have at least 2 internet providers wired into your apartment or home, or if at least one other company is willing to bring cable or fiber into your home at little to no additional…

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Shop at Costco/Sam’s Club Without a Membership (5 Tested Loopholes)

Contrary to what Costco wants to indoctrinate you with, there are a bunch of loopholes that can help you shop there without a membership (or with a heavily discounted one). The Costco (or Sam’s Club) membership is the perfect real life equivalent of sharing your Netflix password and ironically both companies are trying to crack…