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20 Good Looking Floating Shelf Ideas

Whether you want to decorate those unused walls in your home or enhance their functionality, floating shelves provide a very space-efficient solution. They can be hung in many different areas of the home where you wish to create a stylish display of various décor pieces or just require some convenient storage space. Floating shelves are…

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10 Things That Make Your Kitchen Look Cheap

Renovating the kitchen can be a tough job compared to other rooms in the house. There’s a lot of work involved and your budget can take a serious hit. If you plan to go through with it, make sure you avoid some common mistakes that will make the kitchen look cheap. Certain design choices can…

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The 11 Best Plants, Flowers and Vegetables to Grow in Minnesota

Minnesota features some particular challenges when it comes to growing plants. The continental climate of the state provides considerable temperature variation from one area to another. Winters in Minnesota can get absolutely frigid while summers can often feel really hot. Whether you plan to create a vegetable garden patch or enhance the yard with some…