Design Home Decor Concepts

15 Unconventional Desert Decor and Design Ideas

As the name of the style suggests, desert decor takes inspiration from the outdoors. It attempts to bring inside your home a distinctive look that establishes a connection with nature. Earthy color tones, mixed textures, and minimal details are some of the key characteristics of desert decor. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to…

Cleaning and Maintenance

Solved! How to Clean and Care for Ceramic Pans/Cookware?

Ceramic cookware is extremely popular among those who want to avoid the potentially harmful chemicals of non-stick coatings. There are lots of benefits to using a ceramic pan including the resistance to scratching and non-reactive properties to enjoy the true flavor of the food. Ceramic cookware boasts great versatility in the culinary world because of…

Paint and Colors

8 Colors That Go Well With Teal

Thanks to its blend of drama and sophistication, teal represents a great color choice for many interior spaces. It might seem like a complicated color to use in your home décor style. However, teal is surprisingly easy to work with if you combine it with the right colors. Considering its jewel-tone qualities, teal can look…