Gardens and Outdoors

15 Gorgeous Flagstone Patio Ideas

If you’re not satisfied with the current style of your paved space, there are lots of design enhancements you could try. One particularly exciting solution is to use flagstones for your patio. This attractive landscaping idea can revolutionize the look of your patio floor with a distinctive character that will make the area stand out…

DIY Projects Sustainable Development

8 Ingenious Ways to Upcycle and Recycle Old Pillows

Even if you take very good care of your pillows, they will eventually become unusable as they simply get too worn out. Regular maintenance helps to keep a pillow in good shape. However, you need to remember how susceptible it is to dust mites, mold, and various things like makeup and skin oils. If you…

Floors and Walls

8 Just as Good Alternatives to Shiplap Walls

If you’re looking to enhance the style of your wall, you can take your pick between many décor solutions. Shiplap is a popular choice when it comes to wall coverings focused on a calming neutral aesthetic. Although shiplap walls are extremely versatile and simple to incorporate in many rustic interiors, there are other decorating options…

Cleaning and Maintenance

10 Clever Ways to Remove Bad Smell From Your Microwave

Whether you forgot to take out your bag of popcorn in time or accidentally melted a piece of plastic, you now have to deal with a smelly microwave. It’s not a fun experience when a strong odor takes over a commonly used appliance. If you struggle with a case of burnt microwave smell, there are…

Paint and Colors

7 Stunning Interior Paint Colors for RVs

Looking to renovate the interior of your RV? Freshening up the color scheme can be a great solution to add some style. Taking care of the interior of the RV is just as important as the exterior. There are many fun paint options to consider and you need to take into account more aspects aside…

Crafting DIY Projects

21 Summer Wreaths to Beautify Your Home and Front Door

Seasonal wreaths provide a lovely colorful accent for decorating your front door. If you’re looking to create a picturesque doorway in the summer, there are lots of stylish wreath designs out there to consider. The only limit is your creativity when it comes to crafting DIY summer wreaths. You can incorporate a variety of elements…

Home Decor Concepts

12 Beautiful Homes With Green Marble

When you think of marble, you’re probably going to imagine the classic white look of this natural stone. Although white marble is quite common, it’s important to note that impurities in the rock can lead to the formation of different colors. If minerals such as iron and magnesium are present in larger amounts, it’s likely…

Advice and Protocol

Blinds or Curtains? 10 Ways to Know Which One to Use

If you’re interested in applying some fresh window treatments to your home, the most important decision is usually figuring out whether you should choose blinds or curtains. Both of them can provide similar functionality and visual aesthetics but there are key differences that will influence your decision. It’s important to understand properly what kind of…

Home Decor

25 Simple Living Room Decorating Ideas to Inspire You

Considering the fact that you spend a lot of time in the living room, it’s important to maintain a stylish look for this area of your home. If you’re not satisfied with the current style of the living room, you’ve probably thought about ways to change it. Big makeovers can be time-consuming and expensive, however.…

Home Decor

15 Incredible Rainbow Decorating Ideas

Whether you’re throwing a fun party or simply love colorful decorations, you should consider a rainbow-themed design for your home. The amazing experience of seeing a rainbow in nature has inspired many people to bring the multi-colored aesthetic into their personal interior space. Rainbows are symbols of happiness and they’re frequently used as motifs in…