15 Arched Bookcase and Bookshelf Ideas You Will Love

Any book lover out there knows the pleasure of displaying their superb book collection. There are lots of bookcase designs out there that can help you show off your books properly in your living space. If traditional square bookcase styles seem a little too plain for your tastes, it could be worth considering an arched…

Home Decor

11 Stunning Mauve Decor Ideas You’ll Want in Your Home

Often associated with femininity and romance, mauve is a stunning shade of purple that incorporates a deep tone of pink. Compared to bright pink or violet purple, mauve offers a dreamy vibe and makes a soft, delicate visual impression. This is not an attention-seeking color shade making it ideal for various home decor applications. Mauve…

Furniture Wood, Timber and Plywood

12 Oak Kitchen Cabinets You Will Love

Thanks to its earthy color tone and warm vibe, oak wood represents one of the best cabinetry materials for traditional kitchens. While other cabinet style trends come and go, it looks like oak designs managed to stand the test of time. It’s still a favorite material for many homeowners looking to remodel their kitchens. Some…

Paint and Colors

15 Amazing Christmas Tree Colors

As the winter holidays approach, it’s time to make plans about the best Christmas decorations to use throughout your home. Preparing the Christmas tree represents an important aspect of the festivities. The color scheme of the tree plays a major role when it comes to setting up the proper Christmas mood. Aside from traditional color…

Paint and Colors

10 Colors That Go Well With Navy Blue

Navy blue seems to hold a special place for many people decorating their homes compared to other shades of blue. This doesn’t come as a surprise when you consider the amazing versatility of the color. Navy blue is bold yet sophisticated making it a suitable choice for many interior decor styles. It stands out from…

Home Decor Plants

10 Palm Leaf Decoration Ideas That Will Inspire You

If you want to add an exotic touch to your home decor style, palm leaves work like a charm. Whether vibrantly green or dried, palm leaves bring a solid tropical vibe to the living room, bedroom, or anywhere else you choose to display them. As opposed to other botanical arrangements, palm leaves offer excellent versatility.…

Floors and Walls

Herringbone VS Chevron Flooring – 4 Things to Know

Anyone interested in wood flooring has probably heard about chevron and herringbone pattern styles. Despite the apparent similarity in the way they look, these are two distinctive styles of parquetry. The most important thing they have in common is the fact that both herringbone and chevron patterns are making a great comeback when it comes…

Advice and Protocol

5 Things You Need to Know About IKEA Shipping

IKEA has managed to create a solid reputation in the world of furniture and home accessories. The company aimed to maintain budget-friendly prices without sacrificing construction quality while keeping a consistently great Scandinavian style. Both regular shoppers and interior design enthusiasts agree that IKEA is one of the best furniture stores to consider whenever you…

Scents and Fragrances

10 Winter Scents That Will Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas

While decorating the home for Christmas is important to get into a festive mood, you should not forget about adding some great winter scents that bring back many pleasant memories. The right smells can help to create an unmistakable Christmas ambiance that will enhance the overall coziness of the home during the winter holidays. If…

Home Improvement

How to Waterproof Cardboard? 5 Simple Ways

Cardboard is a cheap and reliable material that’s used for lots of applications, not just for shipping boxes. Some particularly popular ways to use cardboard involve arts and crafts and home decoration projects. One of the biggest weaknesses of cardboard is its susceptibility to moisture damage. It can get easily damaged by water and, in…