15 Stunning Beadboard Bathrooms to Gawk at

The trends in the world of interior design seem to follow similar patterns. They all become popular, fade away after some time, and then experience a resurgence. Vintage décor styles and antique elements are extremely popular nowadays despite being considered outdated not very long ago. Beadboard detailing is a great example of an old trend…

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15 Gorgeous Hall Trees You Will Love

The first thing most people do when entering the home is to search for a place to store their things. This is why the hall tree is a must-have furniture piece for any mudroom or entryway. It offers a dedicated storage area for essential clothing and accessories such as jackets, hats, and scarves. Hall trees…


15 Awe Inspiring Brown Bedrooms

Brown can be considered a dark neutral color that could work surprisingly well for decorating the bedroom. This shade is making a comeback when it comes to various interior design trends. Not lots of homeowners find brown appealing because it’s often associated with outdated home decor styles. However, it’s worth giving brown a chance if…

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15 Things You Can Clean Using Bar Keepers Friend

When it comes to versatile cleaning products, few can match the abilities of Bar Keepers Friend. This is a highly performant all-purpose cleaner whose applications go beyond basic cleaning and polishing tasks. The Bar Keepers Friend brand has a long history considering that it was established in 1882. You may have heard many people mentioning…