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Solved! What is and How to Do a Fabric Bleed Test?

1. What is a Fabric Bleed Test? Carrying out a fabric bleed test represents an important step to do for any new fabric that you intend to use in a quilting project. Lots of fabrics are susceptible to “bleeding”, which refers to the tendency of losing the dye after washing. Even if you choose high-quality…


10 Impressive Chalet Style Homes

Typically associated with mountainside ski resorts, chalet-style houses are instantly recognizable thanks to their characteristic roof design with overhanging eaves. Although they’re originally European, chalet-style homes have experienced a great surge in popularity in the northern US as well. This is likely due to the distinctive architecture that appears to complement snowy climates very well.…


20 Lovely Crochet Cactus Patterns and Ideas

Instead of having to deal with the hassle of growing a real plant, why not add a decorative touch to your home by using a crocheted cactus? As opposed to a real cactus, a crocheted one doesn’t have thorns. It brings a soft texture to the room and plenty of organic visual appeal without the…