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15 Shabby Chic Interior Design and Decor Ideas

If you’re familiar with interior design trends, you’ve probably heard the term “shabby chic”. This decor style attempts to create a refined mix of rustic elements with distressed finishes and baroque accents that introduce a hint of glamorous ornamentation. Shabby chic is part of the bohemian movement focusing on a fresh interior design that also…

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15 Gorgeous Lavender Bedroom Ideas

When it comes to bedroom color schemes, few options can appear more relaxing and dreamy than purple. It’s not really the first choice that comes to mind when designing the look of this room, but purple has some great soothing qualities that will make you consider it. Out of all purple shades worth trying, lavender…

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The 8 Best Places to Hide a Gun in Your Home

Guns provide a solid defense if you want to protect your home from any kind of threat. Keep them in a bolted-down safe to prevent unauthorized access to the firearms you own. What if you can’t invest in a reliable home safe for guns right now? There are some creative solutions you can try to…