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15 Marvelous Green Bathroom Ideas

While green isn’t particularly popular when it comes to bathroom colors, this could be a solid choice if you want to create a more relaxing atmosphere in this room. Shades of green have great potential in terms of forming a zen-like backdrop in the bathroom. The color is easily reminiscent of the natural world bringing…

Home Decor Meditation and Feng Shui

12 Items That Bring Good Fortune and Luck in Your Home

If you believe in the idea of bringing fortune and good luck to your home through your actions, there are various items to consider including in your living space. These lucky symbols have somehow withstood the test of time despite the lack of scientific evidence for their ability to attract fortune and prosperity. We could…

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15 Gorgeous Recycled Glass Kitchen Countertops

Renovating the style of your kitchen countertop can be quite challenging if you have an eco-friendly mindset. Some material choices can be considered more sustainable than others. Recycled glass is a great example because it’s primarily based on old wine and beer bottles or other sources of glass that get a new life as a…