Floors and Walls Wood, Timber and Plywood

20 Types of Wood and Where/How to Use Them

Contents 1. Best Wood for Woodworking 1.1 Pine 2. Best Wood for Decks 2.1 Cedar 3. Best Wood for Retaining Walls 3.1 Redwood 4. Best Wood for Floors 4.1 Birch 5. Best Wood for Construction 5.1 Fir 6. Best Wood for Staining 6.1 Cherry 7. Best Wood for Baseball Bats 7.1 Ash 8. Best Wood…

Floors and Walls Paint

What’s the Difference Between Satin and Semi Gloss Paint?

Contents 1. Understanding Paint Sheen 2. Benefits of Satin Paint 3. Drawbacks of Satin Paint 4. Benefits of Semi-Gloss Paint 5. Drawbacks of Semi-Gloss Paint 6. How to Choose Between Satin And Semi-Gloss Despite popular belief, choosing the right paint color isn’t that difficult considering the easy ways to find inspiration. On the other hand,…

Insects Pest Control

10 Proven Methods to Get Rid of Spiders

Contents 1. Spider Removal Methods 2. Spider Prevention Methods 3. Are Spiders Actually Dangerous? Having spiders inside your home isn’t a big cause for concern compared to finding other pests. Although they’re not as destructive or harmful, spiders can still be an annoyance for many homeowners. It’s pretty rare to discover a venomous spider species…

Farming and Agriculture Wood, Timber and Plywood

7 Things to Know About Pine Straw Mulch

Choosing the right kind of mulch can have a great impact on the health of your garden. Among mulching options, lots of gardeners opt for pine straw because it brings multiple visual and practical benefits. This is a natural type of mulch whose rich color can easily enhance the appearance of your yard. When you…

Cleaning and Maintenance Floors and Walls

5 Things to Know About Asbestos Floor Tiles

Due to serious health risks associated with asbestos, products containing the element have been banned. Although this helped significantly to reduce exposure to asbestos, it doesn’t mean that existing products have been removed. Lots of homeowners have older homes that could have been built with materials that incorporate toxic asbestos. This is the case for…

Exotic Pets Pest Control

Possum VS Opossum – 10 Ways to Tell Them Apart

Despite being completely different animals, many people can still confuse possums with opossums. The confusion appeared due to various reasons but it’s mainly because of colloquially using the word “possum” instead of “opossum” in lots of cases. The animals are both small marsupials that can appear similar at a first impression. It takes a closer…

DIY Projects Home Repair

Complete German Smear Guide (Schmear)

Contents 1. What is German Smear (or Schmear)? 2. History of German Smear 3. Benefits and Disadvantages of German Smear 4. German Smear VS Other Techniques 5. Painted Brick 6. Whitewash or Limewash 7. How to Apply German Smear 7.1 Gather the Materials 7.2 Clean the Brick 7.3 Mix the Mortar 7.4 Prep the Bricks…

Design Home Decor Concepts

Brushed Nickel VS Chrome, What’s the Difference?

Whether you wish to change the bathroom fixtures or make a visual upgrade for the kitchen hardware, you will be faced with multiple finish choices. Some of the most popular and reliable choices for faucets, cabinet pulls, or towel bars include chrome and brushed nickel. These metal finishes appear to be quite similar at a…

Pest Control

7 Methods to Eliminate Chinch Bugs and Treat Damaged Areas

While normally chinch bugs shouldn’t cause a lot of damage to your lawn, certain environmental conditions such as drought can cause a more severe infestation of this pest. The bugs can breed fast and eat up large patches of grass creating an unhealthy look of your yard. Getting chinch bugs under control and restoring the…

Architecture Design

20 Thing To Know About The Mid Century Modern Design

1. What Is Mid-Century Modern Design? Known for mixing organic shapes and innovative materials to put a new spin on traditional pieces, the mid-century modern aesthetic experienced great popularity ever since its inception in the 1930s. The style gets its name from the period when it started to form considering how the design concepts appeared…