The 10 Best Pothos Plant Varieties

If you’re looking for an ideal beginner-friendly houseplant to start with, there are hardly better options than Pothos plants. They’re really low-maintenance while providing a lot of visual appeal through their vibrant green foliage. Thanks to its high tolerance for different growing conditions, Pothos is considered a versatile plant to grow at home. It can…

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10 College/Dorm Laundry Ideas and Must Haves

Doing laundry when you’re living in a college dorm can be more difficult compared to the way you’re dealing with this chore at home. There’s not as much room available for supplies and laundry access is also more difficult. To make this chore more comfortable to do in a dorm, it’s recommended to make use…

Cleaning and Maintenance

How to Properly Clean a Straw Hat (3 Steps)

Hats made from straw are trendy accessories to wear in warm climates. The reason for their popularity is quite simple. This type of hat is lightweight and breathable without requiring a very difficult maintenance process. As opposed to other fashionable accessories, straw hats don’t typically need deep cleanings on the regular. They can be maintained…