Flowers Plants

The 12 Best Dish Garden Plants

Houseplants bring tons of benefits such as boosting your mood or improving air quality. It’s a great pleasure to learn how to nurture a plant and find purpose in its companionship. Houseplants also offer excellent decorative potential. When showcasing a plant properly, the entire room seems to feel more alive. If you already have a …

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Coziness and Comfort Design Workplace Decor

20 Brilliant Decor Ideas to Make Your Cubicle Feel Homey

Having your own workspace can provide lots of advantages compared to open office layouts. The cubicle can be decorated to your liking or enhanced with key items to improve your productivity. Instead of drab walls and plain colors, the cubicle can feel more welcoming and enjoyable by including the right decorations. You are spending several …

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The 12 Best Snake Plant Types

Snake plants are easy to grow and very attractive to include in your home’s decor. Known by its scientific name Sansevieria, this hardy houseplant tolerates low light exposure and watering neglect. The low maintenance style is certainly appealing for many homeowners but the snake plant also brings some additional benefits. It can contribute to generally …

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