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The 12 Best Bathroom Colors in 2022

Although the bathroom is an important functional place in your home, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay close attention to aesthetics. You can transform this room into your relaxing sanctuary with the help of the right decorations and design enhancements. One important element to consider is the color scheme. Anyone looking to redecorate the bathroom…

Home Repair Plumbing

PEX VS Copper – Which Pipes Should You Choose

When it comes to plumbing materials, you are typically faced with a choice between copper and PEX. In this article, we’ll explore the advantages and downsides of each material to help you make a more informed decision. It’s important to make a smart choice for your home’s plumbing system and prevent any leaking problems. Replacing…

Advice and Protocol

8 Ways to Prevent an Oven Fire

Oven fires are surprisingly common and not something that happens only in movies. There are many mistakes that can be made by cooks that potentially result in a flaming oven. You don’t necessarily have to be a scatter-brain to accidentally start a kitchen fire. Learning how oven fires can be prevented could be more important…

Farming and Agriculture

8 Disease Resistant Tomato Species

There are many diseases that can affect your tomato crop. If you wish to take advantage of a bountiful harvest of this vegetable, it’s essential to include more disease-resistant species in your garden. Even though it’s not particularly hard to grow tomatoes, it could pay off in the long run to select more durable varieties.…

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The 11 Best Home Office Paint Colors in 2022

There are lots of aspects that can influence your productivity in a home office. The paint color used can have a surprisingly important role when it comes to enhancing your mood. It’s no secret that certain colors may provide some beneficial psychological effects. In a work environment, it’s critical to figure out what kind of…

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11 Gorgeous Concrete Patios

If you have a concrete patio, there are lots of solutions to elevate its look. You don’t necessarily have to completely redesign the patio because concrete is a very practical, low-maintenance material. Some people think that you have to make some aesthetic compromises when you’re choosing a concrete patio but that’s not really true. The…

Flowers Plants

15 Flowers and Plants to Grow in Oregon

Some plants thrive better than others in the Oregon area. It doesn’t matter if you want your garden to be mainly composed of perennials or shrubs, it’s strongly recommended to choose species that are adapted to the area. Choosing native plants to the Pacific Northwest region could be a smart decision for a healthy and…


10 Alfalfa Benefits, Nutritional Facts and Side Effects

Also known as buffalo herb or lucerne, alfalfa is a clover-like plant that’s highly appreciated for being an extremely productive forage crop. The plant features some potential human health benefits when consuming its sprouts or as an herbal supplement. While the main source of alfalfa’s popularity has been to serve as livestock feed, it seems…

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20 Fabulous Granny Chic (Grandmillennial) Home Decor Ideas

Through a unique combination of traditional and modern elements, the grandmillennial trend has taken the world of interior design by storm. Also called granny chic, this style focuses on recreating the cozy feeling of your grandma’s house while including some elegant modern elements to prevent the look from appearing outdated. You can imagine the classic…

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10 Genius Ways to Keep Your Carpet Looking New

Without proper maintenance, it’s safe to say that your carpets won’t last very long. Compared to wood or tile flooring, your carpet is much more vulnerable to damage. Keeping the carpet looking new can pose a challenge for even the most fastidious homeowner. Your carpets are constantly assaulted by dust and debris while the low…