Stephanie Brandt Cornais is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Itsy Bitsy Yoga Instructor, Certified Infant Massage Instructor, Certified Doula and Birthing From Within Mentor. She blogs about natural parenting, family wellness and much more at her blog.   The Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation

  Nicola Alesandrini lives in Northern California with her family, where she spends her days chasing kids, enjoying bits of nature, and avoiding laundry. She’s a jack-of-all-trades who loves economical and ecological living. She writes and crafts whenever she can squeeze it in and she blogs about it all at Which Name?  

An Educational Journey

Sharing Gratitude

Peach Cream Pie

Bringing Birds Home

Spring Flower Crafting

Holiday Countdown

Apple Adoration

Wooly Sheep

Gardening an Extra Room

  Brenda Massei wonders how the day went by so quickly while playing and discovering with her husband and two sons. She blogs at Pioneer Kids about pioneer inspired living in the city and country as she lives in both. She also sells Waldorf inspired items on Etsy.   Knit Lollipop Pattern

    Andrea Corpolongo Smith runs a 60 member CSA in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula with her husband and young daughter. She loves the life she has built, but frequently has to remind herself to take the time to enjoy it! She blogs about her farm, mostly for the benefit of her CSA members, at Wintergreen Farm.   Summer Firsts: Two Simple Recipes to Celebrate Summer’s Bounty

  Suzy is a dreamer, poet, mama of five girls, artist, maker of happy messes, fan of unmade beds. She is inspired by sunlight and those still unkempt sacred wild places. And prays daily to ever more, listen, love and live a soulful life. She writes here.   Sew a Simple Scarf

    Susan Lundgren is a freelance writer living in San Francisco with her husband and two year old daughter. Susan has traveled to beaches all over the world but her favorite beach experience is collecting shells with her daughter on Pass-a-Grille beach in St. Petersburg, Florida where this essay takes place. Susan just completed her MFA from the University of San Francisco.   Seashell, Seashell, Play Your Song for Me

  Rachel Sandhorst has taught environmental education for many years, but mostly in the summer. She looks forward to short November days in order to return to her indoor interests, which generally involve making things. She lives on an acreage in Northeast Iowa where she learns with her two daughters and husband, and enjoys the company of an assortment of animals.  

Nature in November

Three Sisters and a Goat Enchiladas

Recording the Rhythm of the Seasons

The Versatile Beet

An Edible Flower Garden

The Playscaped Yard

  Jojoebi is a Brit living and working in Japan. She is a designer of adorable sewing patterns and crafts for kids and can be found blogging at A Bit Of This and A Bit Of That and her goods are available on Etsy and PDF patterns on Craftsy.   Tanabata Wish Tree

    Faith Collins, founder of Joyful Toddlers, works with families and caregivers through tele-classes, workshops and one-on-one coaching. She holds LifeWays Early Childhood Certification and was co-founder of Rainbow Bridge LifeWays Program, working with 1-5 year olds in Boulder, Colorado. She and her husband divide their time between Colorado and London. Find out more and read her blog.   Developing the Habit of ‘Yes’

  Lucy Pearce is a free-spirited, free-lance writer and mama to three little ones aged 6, 4 and 2. She blogs at Dreamingaloud. She has recently launched her first book: Moon Time: a guide to celebrating your menstrual cycle which is available in paperback from e-book format from her new website Thehappywomb, a hub for womancraft and mama souls. She is contributing editor at JUNO magazine.  

Random Acts of Beauty

Dancing With the Flower Fairies

  Jen Saunders, Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Wild Sister Magazine, lives with her afro-haired hippie husband in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. As a painter, writer and Empowerment Artist, Jen is passionate about inspiring women to love themselves, follow their hearts and change the world. She loves to paint, read, cook and dreams of living in a cabin by the ocean, surrounded by love, laughter, paint, veggie gardens, animals and rainbow children. She blogs at My Smiling Heart, where she shares her art and bares her soul.   Finding My Rhythm

  Sonja Lukassen used to get paid to bring city-folk into the forest. Now she does it with her family and friends in Ottawa, Canada. She blogs about their exploits and shares ideas at Kids in The Forest.  

Woodsy Wednesdays

The Big Thaw

In Search of Summer Water

    Amida is a mom of four and blogs about their learning adventures at Journey into Unschooling. You can read the results of her son’s writing passion at The Society of Alternative Businessmen HQ.   Instilling Family Passions

  Writer and Parenting Educator, Amber Greene (B. Ed, ADCC) is a mother of two. Her work provides a flash of insight and bright ideas for a variety of topics including Parenting in the Early Years, Sustainable Living and Artistry in Everyday Life. She writes daily on her blog, inspiring women and children (and men too) to ‘fire up their creative spark!’. Amber’s “Parenting Fun” website. Contact Amber via email  

Motherhood: Life’s First Autumn Season

Radiance of the Sun

Eight Spring Tips for Growing Gorgeous Children

Planting the Bulb of Contentment

Finding Truth, Beauty and Goodness in the Autumn Season

How To Host a Crafternoon

How To Host A Birthday Celebration Ritual

Positive and Purposeful Parenting::Five Quick and Easy Tips for Happy, Well-behaved children

How to Make a Summer Tealight Candle

  Courtney Cable is a Midwestern mama who blogs about keeping a simple, mindful, beautiful, and sustainable home at A Life Sustained.  

Solstice Luminaries

Welcome Spring Wreath

Celebration Bunting Dandelion Magic

  Laura Hooker is a full-time mother, wife, Registered Nurse, and sewing and crochet-a-holic! She came about this wonderful world of crafting at an early age, and finds much inspiration from her lovely friends in blog land. She really enjoys coming up with and displaying her own patterns and tutorials. She is married and has a seven-year-old little boy and a new baby boy that was born in the summer. You can find her at her blog, Ravelry page or her store on Etsy where she and her twin share sewing and fiber tutorials to inspire creativity in other Mamas.  

Repurposed Baby Pants Tutorial

Repurposed Baby Legwarmers Tutorial

New Baby Crocheted Spring Dress

Reversible Crochet Baby Hat

Winter Baby Beret

Spring Flower Baby Hat

Saving Summer’s Blooms

  Anastasia Akasha Kaur Malay is a new farmer who lives by the sea in Nova Scotia, Canada with her husband where they raise chickens, turkeys, goats, and children. She shares her passion for life on her blog Keeping It Real.   Fresh Herbal Teas

  Annie Demko lives in Northeast Ohio with her husband and twin boys on a small, historic homestead where she spends her days caring for and playing with her sons, cleaning, cooking, creating, and attempting to coordinate and accept the chaos. She has recently begun blogging about her days and desire to find and celebrate the beauty and value in the ordinary at Moon in the Window.  

Brighten Your Table with Cloth Napkins

Discovering a Sense of Place

Drawing Your Rhythm

  Justine Uhlenbrock is an urban homesteader, a minimalist mom, a writer, and a doula-in-training living with her husband and two young girls in Arlington, Massachusetts. She is passionate about sustainable living, health, frugality, and her quest for real food and family heirloom recipes. She blogs at The Lone Home Ranger  

Homemade Cheese Crackers

Call of the Summer Wild: Cultivating a Love of Nature


  David Sewell McCann fell in love with spinning stories in first grade — the day a storyteller came to his class and captured his mind and imagination. He has been engaged in storytelling all of his adult life through art, film-making, teaching and performing. Out of his experience as a Waldorf class teacher and parent, he has developed a method of intuitive storytelling, which he now shares through workshops and through his website. Together he and his wife Lisabeth Sewell McCann have created Sparkle Stories.  

Free Martin and Sylvia Audio: The Autumn Goose Pond

Crafting a Story: An Interview With Sparkle Stories

Jack and the Snowman: A Free Sparkle Story

Mike:: A Sparkle Story

Picking Stories out of the Air :: Storytelling Simplified

The Lion’s Eye :: A Sparkle Story

  Meryl writes about chickens, babies, knitting, gardening, and whatever else tickles her fancy on any given day at My Bit of Earth.  

The Chicken TV :: Why We Adore Our Backyard Flock

Trash to Toys: Three Easy Toys From the Recycling Bin

  Makenna Johnston lives, breathes, and loves in Middle Georgia, where she is an Adjunct Professor and Doula in training. She’s embarking on a new blogging adventure at The Simple, Abundant Life.   Getting Lost in Life’s Cadence

  Elizabeth Sniegocki is a writer and advocate of simple, mindful living. She makes her nest in Sarasota, Florida, where she writes, gardens, cooks, crafts and nurtures two sweet little chicks. Elizabeth blogs about her community, mothering, homesteading and natural living at A Natural Nester.  

Bringing Nature Indoors Summer Fun with Seashells Backyard Blessings Pleasures of Potluck A Mothers’ Circle ~ Uniting Ancient Magic with Modern Motherhood

Ring in a New Beginning with Homemade Prayer Flags

The Magic of Raising Butterflies How to Host Your Own Food Swap

  Jill Houle lives in Connecticut with her husband and four homeschooled children. She strives to find beauty in the mundane, dreams of a homestead life, a spare moment to create and write and seeks to live out her life’s vision with intention and grace each day. You can find her at HomeGrownLife.   A Full House

  Kathryn Pagano enjoys spending her days navigating the wild path that comes with being a wife, mother and creative being. You can find her blogging at Little Homestead in the Desert or her Etsy shop Olive and Owl.   Rain Stick

  Kerry McDonald, M.Ed., lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts with her husband and three young children. She blogs about city homeschooling, natural parenting, and urban homemaking at City Kids Homeschooling.   Fom Mother’s House to Mine Springtime Puddle-Stomping

  Helen Bird is the creator of Curly Birds, a blog devoted to crafts for children and the art of play. The blog is aptly named for her sweet, curly-haired identical twin girls. Helen, her husband, and girls enjoy picnics, tea parties, gardening and general family fun in Tennessee.   Simple Summertime Tents

  Chris Willow is a mother, crafter, storyteller and toymaker. She enjoys creating roots with mothers and children in her community. Her inspiration has always grown from her world she shares with her husband and two sons in the beautiful Missouri. She has a store on Etsy and blogs at Mamaroots where she shares her love of crafting, mothering and reading a great book!  

Wood Fire Spirits

Summer Bindle

Story Eggs

Christmas Spider

Surprise Yarn Eggs

Summer Snails