To our readers, our contributors, our friends and family,

Four years ago we came together to create an online magazine that would give writers, crafters, parents and educators a place to showcase their work. 16 editions and 1195 pieces later, we feel we have done just that. Rhythm of the Home has been one of the most incredible and life changing experiences that we could have imagined, and we have so much gratitude for the way that this community came together.

From the very beginning, ROTH has been a labor of love. Our contributors and staff have given tirelessly, both their work and their time, and we are all so proud of what has been produced. Making the decision to close our doors has been one of the hardest that we have made, and it was certainly not done quickly. When we looked at the body of work, and what it takes to keep ROTH up and going, we realized that we were no longer capable of giving it what it deserved.

While this edition will be our last, all 1195 pieces, in their current form, will stay live. ROTH will be here for many years to come, and we hope that each season you will return to its pages to gather what you need to create lasting traditions and rhythms within your family and communities.

We will continue to maintain an active Facebook page as well, in the hopes of promoting the amazing work that so many of you are doing.

There was never going to be a good time to say goodbye, and never an easy way to let go of something that we love so much. All that we can say is thank you. Thank you for reading the work of this community. Thank you for your emails of support and gratitude. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. Thank you for your contributions, and thank you for helping to create this outstanding community.

In Gratitude,

Bernadette Emerson and Heather Fontenot

Co-Creators of Rhythm of the Home Magazine