Bernadette Emerson and Heather Fontenot, Co-Editors & Publishers, have worked together in some capacity for the past eight years, and have been lucky enough to share the joys of raising children as very close friends. Both women are committed to raising their families in the most natural and balanced way possible, and their love of cooking, crafting, and outdoor living is a major influence on the work that they do.

Heather is the author of the blog Shivaya Naturals, where she shares her passion for her family’s creative pursuits, their home schooling lives, and the journey that they take living with children who have Celiac disease.

Bernadette has followed the paths of homebirthing her babies, midwifery, and her love of the arts to an interest  in Waldorf and Reggio education. She sings in a band, lives on a lake, and has a passion for photography and editing. 

Bernadette and Heather began Rhythm of the Home in 2009 in the hopes of uniting a community of parents, authors, artists and educators who share a vision for bringing families closer together through the celebration of nature through the seasons. It is their hope that Rhythm of the Home is a stepping stone to creating traditions and special moments for many years to come.


The Rest of the Team at Rhythm of the Home

Julia Daby, Associate Editor,  Spring 2010-Summer 2013.  Julia writes about life, family and creativity at Happiness Comes.

Annie Riechmann, Associate Editor, Spring 2012-Summer 2013. Annie is the creator and publisher of Alphabet Glue, and the writer of Bird and Little Bird.